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God wanted all of us who live through the Last Days to know--How it ALL Ends. So God sent us a gift. That is the message of the Book of Revelation.

Bonnie & I just spent a week of ministry with several hundred dear saints studying Matthew & Revelation and examining current events through the lens of prophetic Scriptures.

Please join us for this 8-part series that captures all of my latest studies on Prophecy & God's Word about how to live at the End of Days. These are unprecedentedly-amazing, and fearfully uncertain days in which we live.

Lessons from the Book of Revelation with Dr. John Barnett from 2023.

Come and learn about the events, places, and people in the Book of Revelation - the only book of The Bible that says you will be blessed for reading it. Dr. Barnett opens up God's Word and walks through all the passages and ties them into the world events we see today.

20 Lessons from the Book of Revelation with Dr. John Barnett

God’s wrath can be held in no longer when the Man of Sin is revealed. The Man of Sin or AntiChrist is Satan masquerading as Jesus Christ inside a human. That Beast, called the AntiChrist, governs the whole world—and His rise triggers the coming wrath of God.

Beware, the wrath of God is coming--sooner than you think!

Welcome to my personal method of studying, teaching, and most of all APPLYING the Word of God to MY life. This year-long study method is what I call: The 52 Key Chapters (FTGC) of the Bible using the Devotional Bible Study Method for the purpose of personal mastery of the content of God's Word.

Along the way on this journey, I explain how to interpret a passage by using background, context, and many study tools including a good study Bible, a systematic theology book, and the devotional Bible study method. I also explain and encourage you to start a small group to share your findings and encourage one another. We study each of God's 20+ Attributes, study all of the key doctrines of Scripture, learn the six main sections of the Bible and get a grasp on the WHOLE Bible, not just one small part of the 1,189 chapters in the 66 books of the Scriptures.

The ALMIGHTY God who sees everything knows everything, and is infinitely wise, has a plan. That plan involves ending sin, death, evil, and rebellion in this world. That plan has been written down and is ours to read today. ONLY God knows the future. No person, no demon, no astrologer, no prophet, no writer, no one but God KNOWS the future. That is one of the most amazing facets of God’s character. He is never surprised. God always knows what WILL happen, and only He knows that. We need to listen to God.

The RETURN of the King. All of human history, since the fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden, has been hurtling towards this moment, when the Creator and King of the Universe comes back to set things in order. For thousands of years, sin has run rampant throughout the earth and the universe. Revelation 6-19 marks the Lord saying enough and starting the inexorable conquest back of sin’s reign and Satan’s rebellion.

There is probably no part of Scripture more relevant to our times than this one. No portion of Scripture better frames the way we should see global events than this one. We are in the timeliest, most cutting-edge truths of God's Word as we enter these chapters, because: Only God KNOWS the Future.

Welcome to the Book of Isaiah.

This is the Book that Jesus trusted, believed, quoted, used, and offers to us as an example of how we should TRUST the Bible, God’s Word.

Do you really believe the Bible? I hope so. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. Jesus shows us how we can know God’s plan for the future, for our life, and for all those we know and love.

Jesus believed the Old Testament Book of Isaiah was true—DO YOU?

Jesus is the EXPERT on the future, prophecy, and things to come. To BEST know what's ahead, HE tells us personally in the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ: what's next for planet Earth! Revelation completes God’s revelation of Himself to humanity through Christ.

In Genesis the Creator, God the Son, walks and talks with Adam and Eve the first two humans to ever exist, created from the Hand of God. But God does not stay walking and talking to them. Because they sinned, He banishes them from the Paradise He made for them. Thus began all the sorrows and woes that have plagued humanity all these thousands of years.

But in the book of Revelation, the Creator explains that He is back, actively walking on Earth again, among His people.

The Book of Revelation explains for us that God the Son, Jesus Christ the Creator is here on the ground guiding His Church to accomplish His purposes in the world.

Exploring Proverbs. The longer I spend in this Book the bigger this truth dawns on my heart.

Wisdom is not just a topic or subject in God’s Word—it is THE message of God’s Word. Wisdom is found with God and nowhere else.

Wisdom is the dividing line. There are only two kinds of people on the planet, only two kinds of people in the world, according to Scripture. There are wise and there are foolish. Those are the only kinds of people that exist. The world is full of fools, and sprinkled among the fools are the wise.
The Book of Proverbs is the 20th book of the 66 books of the Bible.
The Book of Proverbs has 31 chapters; 915 verses; the 513 key proverbs God wanted recorded of the 3,000 that Solomon spoke; and the entire book totals 15,028 words in English.

This course covers the top 10 areas that most reflect wisdom from God in a person's life. These topics are the lessons we will share in these next ten hours of Exploring Proverbs.

Heaven is the word God uses for where we as believers are headed.

Heaven is mysterious to many; and a place of many fanciful speculations. But, God’s Word has given us all He wants us to know about Heaven.

As we open to Revelation 4, we open to the first words of the only guided tour of Heaven found in God's Word.

In this study of the book of Hebrews, Dr. John Barnett provides a comprehensive journey through one of the most profound and impactful books of the New Testament. Delving into the rich theological themes, historical context, and practical application found within the pages of Hebrews. Through in-depth exploration of each chapter, participants gain a deeper understanding of the supremacy of Christ, the significance of faith, and the enduring hope offered to believers.

Leviticus with Dr. John Barnett provides a comprehensive and insightful journey through one of the foundational texts of the Old Testament. Dr. Barnett's expertise and passion for biblical understanding illuminate the often-overlooked significance of Leviticus for contemporary believers. This study equips individuals to grasp the profound truths embedded in Leviticus and apply them to their lives today, fostering a deeper appreciation for God's grace and a greater commitment to holy living.

The 12 Minor Prophets with Dr. John Barnett provides an engaging and comprehensive study of these often overlooked yet profoundly impactful books of the Old Testament. This study equips individuals to grasp the overarching themes of judgment, restoration, and hope found throughout the Minor Prophets and challenges them to apply these truths to their lives.

If you have always wanted to see the big picture of God’s Word—it’s possible.
If you have always wanted to feel that you had a grasp on the message of the whole Bible—you finally can.
If you always feel like you never can put it all together—you can.
This pulls all of Dr. Barnett's overviews and surveys of the Bible into one incredibly fascinating devotional journey through the Book of Books.
Join Dr. Barnett today as he teaches through the wonders of God's Word.


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